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    How to Grow Out a Pixie Haircut

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    How to Grow Out a Pixie Haircut

    Over the years, there is one hairstyle that continues to stay on trend - the pixie haircut. From super short to layered; sleek to shaggy, this hairstyle is surprisingly versatile. It’s also flattering for just about everyone. At some point, you may decide that it’s time to grow out your pixie haircut. This process can be frustrating at times. The trick to getting through each growth phase is to use the righthair care products and tools as your hair starts to grow out. 

    Growing Out a Pixie Haircut

    Grow out your pixie haircut with these tips that take you through the process. 

    Get your hair trimmed regularly. 

    As counterproductive as it sounds, regular trims will help to stimulate hair growth. They will also slowly start to even out your hair length so that the front and back can blend in without giving you a mullet. With regular trims, you can work towards growing your hair to bob and eventually alob length. Trims will prevent split ends, too, keeping your hair healthy as it grows.

    Invest in good quality products. 

    You should be using good quality hair care products, whatever the length of your hair. For growing out short styles, good products are especially essential. Use a quality shampoo and conditioner. Start usinghair treatments such as leave-in masks and serums. Make sure that your hair is strong and healthy throughout each growth phase.

    Experiment with styling tools. 

    Don’t ever under-estimate the value of styling tools when growing out any hairstyle. Aghd will help you create a range of styles at every length. You can go for straight layered bobs or shaggy lobs. You can try parting your hair in different ways, wearing it up, down or half-up. Use your straightener or hairdryer and style with styling aids that allow you to style your hair in various ways. This will prevent boredom (and make you less likely to want to cut it all off again).

    With the right products and tools and a lot of patience, growing out short styles doesn’t have to be frustrating. At Retail Box, we’ve got all the products you need to grow out your pixie haircut.