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    How to Smooth & Soften Coarse Hair

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    Soften Course Hair

    Coarse hair can be hard to manage. When it is also curly and prone to frizz, it can be even more frustrating. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can smooth and soften the texture of your hair to make it easier to brush and style, while leaving it looking and feeling silkier. Keep reading to get our tips on how to look after your coarse hair.

    Smooth and Soften Coarse Hair

    One of our favourite haircare brands for coarse hair isRedken. This brand has a few ranges that will help soften your hair, including the All Soft range that gives you softer, touchable hair. To give your hair the boost it needs, you can also keep these tips in mind. 

    Go easy on the shampoo.

    As we mentioned above, the All Soft range is a great one for softening your hair. With that said, too much shampooing can end up making hair coarser, dryer and harder to manage. That doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to shampoo forever. It simply means using smaller amounts and increasing the days between shampooing. Using a very mild sulphate-free shampoo or even doing water washes between shampoo washes well for natural hair as well as thicker hair that is prone to coarseness. 

    Redken All Soft Shampoo

    Try a deep conditioner. 

    Look for conditioners that provide a deep level of moisture. You can try using a conditioner even on days you don’t use shampoo if your hair is very dry or coarse. Otherwise, choose a conditioner that gives you plenty of moisture, such as theAll Soft Conditioner by Redken that is infused with hair-pampering argan oil. 

    Redken All Soft Conditioner

    Use leave-in treatments.

    A serum or oil that is made to be applied to damp hair and left in will be great to soften your hair from within. As these are not washed out, the active ingredients can absorb deeply into the hair follicle, nourishing from root to tip. TheRedken All Soft Argan-6 Oil is enriched with Omega-6 as well as argan oil, for an added dose of softness that keeps hair smooth and shiny. 

    Redken All Soft Argan Oil

    Retail Box has all the Redken products you need to smooth and soften coarse hair, leaving you with hair that is healthy and strong.