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    Oils for hair and oil-based ranges have become one of the most loved products in hair salons. Unless you have extremely thick hair, using pure olive oil, coconut oil, or any other form of plain oil has become a thing of the past.

    Here’s why – Oil on its own might be too heavy for your hair as it is for most hair types. Using raw oil will only coat the hair, clog your strands, attract dust and weigh your hair down.

    In the past technology was much less advanced and raw oils were our only option. Now, with our advanced technology and blended ingredients oils have been formulated to be much lighter than before making it more easily absorbed.

    These oils have become a breeze to sell in hair salons. Not only does the modern-day hair oil products have many additional benefits for hair and scalp health but smells amazing too.

    Hair oils give instant results, they are perfect for everyday use and are perceived as great value for money. All you need is a drop and you're good to go.

    They assist in moisturising while having a repairing and restoration effect on the hair with continuous use. Most serums even have heat protective qualities assisting with blow dries, leaving a stunning silky-smooth gloss finish when hair is dry.


    How to use oils:

    - Use on wet hair before blow-drying to moisturise and protect

    - Use oils to create a high shine on dry hair after styling

    - Can be used as a treatment booster or to moisturise before shampooing

    - Use as an overnight treatment for reconditioning your hair

    - Hair oils are used to better flexibility and reduce static and frizz


    Top sellers

    Kerastase Elixir Ultimate – Versatile beautifying oil

    Paul Mitchell – super skinny serum

    Mycro Keratin smoothing serum

    Aromas – aroma oil

     Moroccanoil – Moroccanoil treatment


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