Moroccanoil Smooth Collection Launch -


    Moroccanoil Smooth Collection Launch

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    Cape Town, July 2015.

    Who said you cannot make a blank white space look amazing? Well Moroccanoil certainly can! We had the privilege of attending the launch of the Moroccanoil smoothing range along with education on some international trends hot off the runway. The vast space of the venue was filled with cocktail tables, clear ghost chairs, a gorgeous white runway and a stunning bar serving anything your heart desired. Mood lighting transformed it and a buzz of excitement filled the air.

    The anticipation was over when Stav (MD) introduced us to the team and welcomed onto stage the highlight of the evening, Steven Turpin. I think his accent is definitely his most quirky feature to us Capetonians, your attention hangs on every word. The show started with the 6 models strutting down the runway with one gorgeous ‘smooth’ look then Steven brought each model up onto stage and dramatically transformed their looks in seconds to something glamourous and sophisticated. He had fantastic tips and advice for stylists on how to achieve these looks using all the Morrocanoil products.

    His favourite phrase is: ‘Wafting’ and it comes with the arm action included, seeing this in real life is the only way to understand what he is going on about but he uses it with theShine sprayto finish off looks and by ‘wafting’ you ensure the whole head of hair is covered in a light mist without having too much product and getting an oily finish to the hair. One of the most interesting looks was one created using a wire hanger that he moulded into a u shape and wrapped the hair around and heated with a flat iron, this look was roughed up through the mid lengths and the ends were smoothed out with the newsmoothing creamto hold and shape. The original Moroccanoil Treatment revolutionized the haircare industry and they have built their reputation on positive word of mouth from runways to salons and editorial spreads, this evening was certainly one for these books.

    All our staff were so inspired by these looks and a few of them recreated these looks the next day in the salons. It is so wonderful to have someone with a passion for hair show his talents to us and these ideas and creations are easy enough for everyone to recreate and bring to their customers.

    What a fantastic educational and inspirational evening, thanks to Moroccanoil for empowering beautiful transformations.

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