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    Olaplex - The Ultimate Solution for Damaged Hair

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    If you’re looking for a treatment to help restore damaged hair,Olaplex will be your new best friend. This treatment has traditionally been used in salons as part of the hair colouring process - especially when changing up to a lighter shade. Treatments include in-salon application directly after colouring and at-home application to maintain your hair after colouring. Although it is a must for coloured hair, it is also a great option if your hair needs extra TLC from heat styling or other chemical treatments. Even if your hair is simply very dry and in need of intense moisture, Olaplex will work wonders.

    Olaplex Benefits for Damaged Hair

    Some of the main ways that Olaplex can helpdamaged hair include the following:

    It repairs your hair

    The primary benefit of Olaplex is its ability to repair, strengthen and improve the overall structure of your hair. It does this by permanently rebuilding the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are destroyed during chemical treatments. Whether your hair has taken some strain from regular colouring or heat styling, or it isweak and brittle, this product will reverse the damage. 

    It adds shine and softness

    As it repairs the hair from within, it leaves the outer layer of the hair cuticle smoother. This means that your hair is much shinier and softer. The broken hair bonds are sealed, giving your hair an ultra-sleek feel. If your hair is very dry and prone to frizz, this is great news. You will feel (and see) a noticeable difference in your hair texture.

    It is great for lightening hair

    If you’re going blonder, this treatment will be very helpful. The process of going a few shades lighter requires a lot of chemicals, which can have a devastating effect on your hair. Using Olaplex will prevent your hair from feeling like straw, reducing the risk of damage. It will also help your colour last longer, too (always a bonus). 

    Retail Box offers a selection of Olaplex treatments, includingbundles. Find your treatment now and transform damaged hair in no time.