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    Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear

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    Paul Mitchell invisiblewear

    Retail Box introduces the new Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear range.

    Invisiblewear is a range of hair care and styling products that are all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and making chic simple.

    The range offers a variety of product options for creating effortlessly beautiful looks that may seem almost natural.

    Adding just the right amount of texture and life into dull-looking hair with a dose of infused velvet flower to reduce the crunchy and stiff styling feeling and soften each strand for flawless manageability.

    Each product in the range has a purpose even though they’re all there for the same reason, to create beautifully undone looks.

    Achieving tousled, touchable styles has never been this easy.

    Below is a range of Invisblewear options that Retail Box has to offer:

    Invisiblewear Shampoo

    Cleanses, volumizes and creates the perfect foundation for a gorgeous relaxed look. Use Invisiblewear shampoo to prepare your hair for further styling with the rest of the Invisiblewear styling range

    Paul Mitchell - Ivisiblewear shampoo

    Invisiblewear Conditioner

    The perfect conditioner for detangling and building just the right amount of body while moisturizing and replenishing your hair for a glossy shine and extra manageability.

    Paul Mitchell - invisiblewear conditioner

    Invisiblewear  Memory Shaper

    Rehances your undone definition with a soft hold, creating a more natural-looking finish with flexibility and shine. Invisiblewear memory shaper leaves hair feeling soft, smelling fresh and manageable.

    Paul Mitchell - Invisiblewear Memory shaper

    Invisiblewear boomerang restyling mist

    The beauty trick that will help your blowout last a tad bit longer. The Invisiblewear boomerang restyling mist is specially formulated to restore moisture and fight frizz for lifeless locks that might have lost its body and vibrancy. 

    Paul Mitchell - Invisiblewear - Boomerang

    Invisiblewear undone texture spray

    This is the perfect spray for a natural volume up look, Invisiblewear undone texture spray adds life and body to flat hair for natural movement with a touchable hold.

    Paul Mitchell - Invisiblewear undone texture hair spray

    Invisiblewear orbit hairspray

    Boosts volume tames flyaways while still maintaining a natural hold. The fine layerable mist resists the damaging effects of humidity while fighting frizz for the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle.

    Paul Mitchell - invisiblewear Orbit hair spray

    Invisiblewear volume whip

    Whip up some extra volume and fight frizz without the crunchy feel with the Invisiblewear volume whip. Use with blowouts or on air dried hair for a natural finish and extra shine.

    Paul Mitchell - Invisiblewear volume whip

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