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    Re-energise your hair

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    System Professional diagnoses your unique hair profile with an ultra-personalized system

    Inspired by molecular skin care, System Professional's scientists discovered that each person's hair has a unique energy profile, which they named EnergyCodeTM

    Your hair is as unique as your fingerprint...
    find the right treatment to re-energise it.



    Solaris is a product line designed to protect hair from damage through sun exposure. The double action of the active ingredient complex ensures that our hair is

    1. Protected from the effects of the higher sun exposure in summer months
    2. That our hair colour has extra UV protection preventing unsightly shifting and fading,
    3. That men with thinning hair have protection for the delicate  skin on the scalp
    4. Clients leading active lifestyles that leads to exposure to chlorine and salt have protection for their hair and fast care post activity.
    Solaris range


    Color Save 

    The Colour Save line with FibreChrome technology is designed to repair and enhance our colour treated hair and provide lasting brilliance. This specific collection of products are designed to aid us in wearing our colour treated hair in the best possible way. Being finishing products they provide additional benefits

    1. Improving combability and provide additional softness to our hair
    2. Protect our hair from the harshness of heat styling tools
    3. Optimise the light reflection on the surface of our hair maximising the shine
    Color save


    Luxe Oil

    Luxe Oil is a high-performance oil line designed to energise any hair type to its full potential. The Luxe Oil range contains exquisite oils that provide an immediate luxury makeover for your hair.

    The oils have a powerful trio designed for the following benefits

    1. Provide superior nourishment
    2. Superior Hydration
    3. Replenishes fragile and dry ends

    The most sensorial and is by far the  Lux Oil Cream Elixir which will add a touch of luxury as well as

    1. Providing smoothness and anti-frizz
    2. Protection against photo-aging of the hair
    3. Leaves the hair superbly responsive and shiny
    system professional luxe oil



    The Balance subline with Dermacalm Complex is designed to soothe and care for an irritated sensitive scalp

    The active ingredients -

    1. Relaxes a tense scalp
    2. Helps the scalp build up a natural protective barrier
    3. Provide optimal moisture to a dehydrated scalp


    These products have been developed in conjunction with dermatologists and the ingredients have been tested for skin tolerance and effectiveness

    The Balance Energy serum has a special Energizing Complex that aids the anchorage of thinning hair and can make thin hair stronger when used a minimum of 3 times a week.

    system professional balance range 



    Sometimes our hair requires high-performance results delivered via the most advanced technologies.

    When we lack shine and elasticity, System Professional Elastic Force should be our go-to remedy. This is a finishing product that instantly improves our elasticity making our hair more bouncy and easier to shape an style. The result is always silky feeling hair with natural bounce and movement


    Alpha Energy Serum is the innovative energiser that combines a powerful pure form of the System professional EnergyCode Complex

    With repeated use on skin and hair we can expect

    1. The hair to be responsive, resilient and healthy.
    2. The Hair is more manageable and retains shape and style for longer
    3. The scalp’s hydrolipid film will be strengthened
    4. Visible irritations are reduced




    Hair becomes damaged when the protective lipid layer in the hair is exposed to external influences. This leaves our hair susceptible to internal and external damage which leads to dull, brittle straw-like hair and split ends

    The finishing products in the System Professional Repair line provide stability and strength as well as smoothness and anti-frizz effect.

    Repair Perfect Hair makes the hair more resistant to the effects of heat styling as well as restructuring the damaged zones

    Repair Perfect Ends provides active protection against heat when used as a styling primer and on dry hair will provide an anti-frizz effect whilst acting as a sealing coat to prevent further damage to already fragile ends



    No two people have the same hair; your hair is as unique as your fingerprint. Get your personalised hair EnergyCodeTM mapping for a truly effective care system tailored to your individual hair and scalp needs. Transform your hair today.

    The goal is to help you achieve hair that feels reborn with the innovative tools and high-end products needed to make that beauty ideal a reality.

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