Retail Box Shopping During the Lockdown -


    Retail Box Shopping During the Lockdown

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    Wondering how the lockdown will affect Retail Box shopping? The good news is that we will still be selling shampoo and conditioner throughout the lockdown, as these products fall under health products. Hairstyling products, cosmetics, skincare, accessories, body products, and other products can be ordered, but they will be delivered after the lockdown ends on 16 April.

    What are we doing to keep you safe during this time and what else should you know about Retail Boxing during the lockdown in South Africa? Keep reading to find out.

    Retail Box Shopping During COVID-19

    On Monday 23 March, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would begin a 21-day lockdown. As coronavirus continues to spread across the world, South Africa has taken a proactive step in order to flatten the curve and reduce the impact of the spread as much as possible. 

    This has been a challenging time for many, with a large number of shops closing for the duration of lockdown. Online shops are staying open, provided they fall within essential services. Health products are one such service. Retail Box shopping will be selling and delivering shampoo and conditioner during these next three weeks.


    We are also taking a number of precautions to keep you safe.These include the following:

    • Many employees are working remotely to avoid contact. 
    • We are making use of sanitisers at all stages of product handling. 
    • Each product is cleaned in a sterile environment before shipping. Minimal point of contact during the selection, packing, and shipping process. 
    • Couriers will wear a mask and gloves and will request ID instead of signature. 
    • Ensuring other essential steps to ensure safe handling of products. 

    Customers may still place orders on our wide range of makeup, skincare, haircare, and additional product, and once lockdown ends, we will continue to trade as normal.

    In the meantime, we would like to remind all of our customers to stay safe and healthy during the lockdown.

    Thank you for your support - we look forward to providing you with the same quality we have always offered with Retail Box shopping.