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    Sustainable Haircare With KMS Conscious Style

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    KMS Conscious Style is all about sustainable haircare, with a range of products that are good for the planet and good for your hair. Products in this range are free of sulfates, silicones, micro-plastics, mineral oils, artificial colourants, and animal-derived products. Instead of chemicals and other nasties, products contain up to 98% naturally-derived, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Packaging is eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials. Keep reading to learn more about the KMS Conscious Style range and how it helps your hair. 

    Introducing KMS Conscious Style

    Retail Box brings you a range of KMS Conscious Style haircare products that are ideal for all hair types, including colour treated hair. Top products in this range include the following:

    KMS California Conscious Style Shampoo

    The  KMS California Conscious Style Shampoo is ideal for normal to fine hair. It gently cleanses and moisturises your hair without adding weight. 

    KMS Conscious Style Cleansing Mist

    The  KMS Conscious Style Cleansing Mist cleanses and hydrates your hair and scalp, removing residue and sebum build-up and leaving your hair feeling refreshed.

    KMS Conscious Style Everyday Conditioner

    The  KMS Conscious Style Everyday Conditioner hydrates and detangles your hair, making it easier to manage and leaving it soft and shiny. 

    KMS Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray

    The  KMS Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray adds moisture when styling, finishing your look, holding your style and reducing frizz.

    KMS Conscious Style Styling Putty

    The  KMS Conscious Style Styling Putty keeps your style in place with a firm, long-lasting hold, giving you a matte-textured look and no stiffness.

    Shop the KMS Conscious Style sustainable haircare range at Retail Box to view our full collection.