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    The Biggest Anti-Ageing Skincare Myths

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    Anti-ageing myths range from old wives' tales to dangerous myths resulting from TikTok trends. Ask any woman about their anti-ageing routine, and you're likely to get many different opinions. Luckily, many know about the important things, such as products that make a genuine difference. That does not mean that there aren't still plenty of anti-ageing skincare myths doing the rounds.

    Anti-Ageing Skincare Myths

    What are the biggestanti-ageing skincare myths? And, why are these myths not as harmless as they seem? 

    Myth 1: You only need to start worrying in your 40s

    The earlier you develop a decent skincare routine, the better. Even though you won't start seeing the effects until your 30s or 40s, your skin is slowly changing from your 20s. You won't need to worry about products made specifically for mature skin. But looking after your skin when you're younger can slow down the ageing process.

    Myth 2: Sunscreen is something you need for the beach

    Don't ever underestimate the importance of sunscreen. You will still need sunscreen for your body, whether you're going to the beach or not. But you will also need sunscreen for your face. Just because you don't feel sunburnt, it doesn't mean that there is no damage. Dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines are all linked to UV damage. Invest in a day cream with a built-inSPF, even if you're staying indoors all day.

    Myth 3: It won't hurt to try advice you get from others

    You've seen a video featuring a new trend or a DIY skin treatment. You've been getting advice from friends and family. Should you try these tips? If you are sure that you won't be harming your skin, there's nothing wrong with an at-home mask using natural ingredients. In many cases, it is essential to remember that only dermatologists and skincare specialists can give you advice. While a consult can help, you can also stick to products that are tested and approved by skin specialists. Using certified products, understanding ingredients and skipping the potentially harmful trends is essential. 

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