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    The Life Force Of Trees

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    Renew the vitality of your hair with new Wella Professionals Elements, inspired by nature.

    Embrace the awe-inspiring power of nature and choose premium hair care products that cater to your wellbeing lifestyle. Introducing Wella Professionals Elements; the first Wella Professionals range of care products which are free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants and provides up to ten times more keratin protection* for renewed hair vitality.

    We are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients contained in the products we use in everyday life– such as hair care products - as this helps us make more informed choices that suit our lifestyle. As part of trying to live a healthy lifestyle, we might be looking for more natural alternatives which contain fewer chemicals, but do not compromise on performance.

    Wella Professionals Elements delivers the premium experience and fantastic results you expect from Wella Professionals, but without the chemicals which you may wish to avoid.

    The Life Force of Trees

    Wella Professionals Elements has been inspired by nature to provide up to ten times more keratin protection* for renewed hair vitality. Keratin is the principal component of hair – a protein which acts as the building blocks of the hair. If the keratin is degenerated, the hair will become weak and will lose its shine. Wella Professionals Elements protects the integral keratin structure, keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy, but without some of the chemicals usually associated with hair care products.

    Although sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants are commonly used, safe ingredients in hair care and have been extensively tested, some people wish to avoid them, so the scientists at Wella Professionals have developed the exclusive NuTREE complex.

    The NuTree complex is enriched with natural tree extract – a powerful antioxidant which helps reduce free radical damage. Sustainably sourced in Germany, the natural tree extract also has anti-irritant properties to balance and calm the scalp. The natural tree extract is joined by panthenol, also known as pro-vitamin B5, which penetrates deeply into the hair to repair the inner keratin cell structure and bind moisture in the hair. The result is hair which looks smooth, healthy and is nourished from the roots to the tips.

    Inspired by Nature

    To provide the luxurious experience you have come to expect from Wella Professionals, a new fragrance has been created, inspired by the green woods of the Amazon forest. This captivating scent originates from the Amazon’s tallest and most resilient tree, the Kapok tree and the fragrant bromeliad flowers which grow upon the tree.

    Including fresh top notes of green basil, water lily, star fruit and mandarin and heart notes of African geranium, gardenia azalea and blackcurrant leaves, with sensual base notes of cedar wood, musk, amber. Wella Professionals Elements is a truly luxurious and relaxing experience.

    The Complete Wellbeing Experience

    The Wella Professionals Elements collection features the care products you need in your daily hair care regime:

    • Renewing Shampoo: a nourishing shampoo that renews the moisture of hair, preserving it from root to tip

    • Renewing Conditioner: a lightweight conditioner that strengthens each hair fiber from within, helping to repair and preserve hair’s natural vitality

    • Renewing Mask: a repairing mask to intensively restore and preserve the internal structure and natural strength of the hair

    • Conditioning Leave-In Spray: a lightweight, de-tangling spray which can be applied to towel-dried hair to care and protect hair from day to day stress and provide a gentle hold to aid with styling

    Wella Professionals Elements allows you to make a conscious choice about the ingredients in your hair care products, without having to compromise on performance or results.

    Wella Professionals Elements contains:

    Renewing Shampoo, RRP R207

    Renewing Conditioner, RRP R243

    Renewing Mask, RRP R252

    Conditioning Leave-In Spray, RRP R252