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    Top Beauty Essentials for Summer

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    With the warm weather officially here, it’s time to stock up on beauty products for summer. Giving yourself some extra pampering this season is the best way to make sure that you look and feel your best. From sun protection all the way to mani-pedi must-haves, hair care products, and body products, this list of summer beauty products has all you need.

    Must-Have Beauty Products for Summer

    Get summer-ready with these beauty products for summer. 

    • Face. A goodSPF day cream is not just something you need to use in summer. UV rays can be just as high on overcast days. Besides the obvious risks such as skin cancer, UV damage also increases age spots and other signs of ageing. 

    • Feet. The last thing you want to do is hide your feet because of calloused, cracked heels. Get those feet smooth and soft with afoot scrub and other products that soften heels and make sure you can wear sandals and other open shoes. 

    • Nails. To keep your nails looking fresh, don’t forget about your cuticles. Good cuticle oil will keep your nails and hands soft. Choosingpretty nail polish will put you in a summer mood, adding a touch of colour.

    • Body. For beaches and bikini season, you want your skin to feel smooth, soft and supple. You don’t want any rough patches. Look for nourishingbody oils that are lightweight and easily absorbed.

    • Hair. If you’re planning a hair makeover this season, be sure to choosecolour-protecting hair products. You can also trysea salt sprays to get those perfect beach waves, andleave-in treatments to protect your hair from chlorine after spending endless days in the pool. 

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