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    What is the #RBsecretBox

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    The secret is out!

    We have launchedSecret Box, a little box with big surprises filled with premium professional beauty care products.

    Secret Boxwill contain a secret selection of premium products from leading professional beauty and hair care companies and the products will be deluxe travel sizes to full size products.

    Secret Boxwill be for specific skin and hair types and colours, to ensure theSecret Boxcontains the best secret product selection perfect for that skin and hair type.

    This will be an exclusive offer with limited stock and a massive discount making it a much sort after offer. This is an exciting opportunity forRetail Boxexisting and new customers to treat themselves to premium products they have possibly not tried before.

    To ensure you are prepared to take advantage of the amazing offer, aSecret Boxlaunch will be promoted on all our forms of social media and on ourRetail Boxwebsite a few weeks before the launch.

    Secret Boxwill be sold exclusively on Retail Box and can be purchased as an online sale then it will be delivered by courier. AfterSecret Boxhas been purchased and delivered we will feature a blog post on Retail Box to review the products featured so that others can share their experience of the big surprise in this little box of secrets.