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    Why Don’t My Curling Tongs Give Me Perfect Curls?

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    Why Don’t My Curling Tongs Give Me Perfect Curls?

    Usingcurling tongs and not getting the perfect curls you want is incredibly frustrating. Tongs are made to create tight, medium and loose curls. Depending on the size and type of tongs you use, you can create a wide variety of curly styles relatively easily. That’s not to say that you will get instant results if you’re still not used tousing curling tongs

    Why You’re Not Getting Results From Your Curling Tongs

    There are a few reasons that you’re not getting anywhere with your curling tongs. The most likely reasons include the following:

    You’re using poor quality tongs.

    Just like any other styling tool, cheap, poor quality tongs will never give you results. You may think all tongs are alike. The problem with cheap tongs is that they can damage your hair. Even if they somehow don’t burn or dry out your hair, your chances of getting perfect curls are slim. Investing in a good pair of tongs is essential. Look for top brands such as ghd, Babyliss, Paul Mitchell, orDyson. These will make sure that you have the right tool to get started with curling.

    You’re not preparing your hair.

    Once you’ve got the right tongs, you will need to carefully prep your hair. Trying to curl without any type of preparation is pointless. It’s best to curl the day after washing as curls will hold better. Never try and curl wet or damp hair - always make sure it is dry. 

    You’re using the tongs incorrectly.

    Use a thermal protection spray or styling product, then choose sections you want to curl. The barrel of the tongs heats and curls the hair. The top section is hollow, with ridges that can damage your hair. Always make sure that you wrap your hair around the barrel. Quickly and carefully roll the section around the tongs, covering the full length. This will ensure that heat is evenly distributed. Hold for just a few seconds and then release. Holding too long can risk burning your hair while releasing almost immediately will not curl the hair at all. If your hair is long, you may want to do two rounds of curling. This is better than trying to wrap the entire length around the barrel and will prevent the chance of burning.

    Give these tips a try and you should start getting the hang of curling in no time. For premiumhaircare products andstyling tools, Retail Box is your go-to choice. Shop curling tongs online now to get started.