When is it Time to Embrace Grey Hair?

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    When is it Time to Embrace Grey Hair?

    Are you ready to make the transition to grey hair? A decade ago, going grey was considered the worst possible thing to happen. Countless products have been made to hide the signs of grey. The association between grey and ageing has always been a battle for women. Somewhere along the line, grey became not just something to avoid but also to embrace. So much that many with lighter hair colours have opted to move to a cool grey hue. For older women or those greying prematurely, making the move to grey hair no longer has to be something to dread. 

    How to Ease into Grey Hair

    How do you know when the time has come and how do you ease into grey hair? Here are a few things to know.

    Make the decision in your own time.

    You are the only one who can decide when it’s time to go grey. You may want to let the process happen organically, as the first strands start to show. You may want to wait until you are seeing more grey at your roots. There is no right or wrong time. 

    Gradually lighten your natural colour.

    One thing that puts many off is the sudden move from dark to grey. If you are a brunette, you may be worried about that big contrast. A good way to make the transition is to gradually lighten your natural colour. That doesn’t mean going from brown to blonde. Try looking for ash brown or other cool-toned, lighter shades of brown that will not show grey as much as darker, warm-toned browns.

    Invest in nourishing haircare products.

    As your hair greys and ages, proteins are depleted. Your hair may become coarser in texture. It may start to dry out, becoming more brittle and more prone to breakage. You will need to give your hair extra nourishment when this happens. Invest in good quality products that are rich in healthy ingredients such as amino acids.Regular treatments are essential. If you are heat styling, always use thermal protection and try to go natural where possible. 

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