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    3 Benefits of Argan Oil Hair Treatments

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    Argan oil hair treatments help to smooth, soften, hydrate, protect and nourish your hair. Also known as ‘liquid gold’, this oil is produced by the argan tree that grows in Morocco. It is used in both hair and skin treatments.Argan oil is packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and nurturing vitamin E. This makes it a super nourishing ingredient in leave-intreatments such as conditioners, masks and serums. Whether you’re looking to make your hair look and feel softer, repair damage or simply keep it healthy, argan oil treatments are sure to help. 

    Why Use Argan Oil Hair Treatments?

    Here are just a few of the ways that argan oil treatments help you get luscious locks.

    1/ Smoothes

    The high amount of fatty acids in the oil help to smooth away frizz. These treatments will seal split ends and make the hair look and feel shinier. As the oil has very small molecules, it penetrates the hair cuticle more effectively than other oils. This helps to give the hair a smooth, soft texture. 

    2/ Hydrates

    Vitamin E provides a high level of moisture, hydrating the hair from root to tip. Omegas further help to hydrate the hair. If your hair is dry ordamaged,treatments high in argan oil will help to provide deep moisture. Normal hair and other hair types will also benefit from these treatments. 

    3/ Protects

    Finally, argan oil also protects the hair. It can be used to reduce any damage caused by heat styling (which is why it’s often found in thermal protection sprays). This is because the oil can withstand higher temperatures than many other oils. The vitamin E in the oil protects it in other ways, too. This includes increasing elasticity, reducing breakage and even protecting it from environmental damage such as UV rays.

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