3 Reasons to Use a Hair Serum

    • 2 min read

    If you’re not using ahair serum already, now is the time to start doing so. Serums are a type of leave-in hair treatment that offer many benefits. From smoothing away frizz to nourishing dry hair and adding shine, hair serum plays an essential part of a good haircare routine. They can be used after styling or on damp hair if you prefer to let your hair dry without heat. 

    Why Use a Hair Serum?

    Here are just a couple of ways that a hair serum will help you get healthy, glossy locks.

    1/ Smooth away frizz and flyaways

    Serums are a great way to reduce frizz and smooth down those annoying flyaways that happen after drying your hair. They lock in moisture, creating a seal that prevents frizz. They are also great on rainy days or when humidity levels are high. Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, fine or thick, a good serum will help you say goodbye tobad hair days.

    2/ Nourish dry and damaged hair

    If your hair is dry, regular use of serum can greatly help to hydrate and replenish the hair from root to tip. Serums are very important for dry hair types who regularly use flat irons or hair dryers, even with heat protection. If your hair is damaged, a serum made specifically to targetdamaged hair will make a huge difference. 

    3/ Add shine and silky softness

    Finally, a good serum will also add plenty of shine and softness to your hair. Used after styling, a serum will leave you with glossy hair that is soft to the touch. If you’re straightening your hair, it will leave hair feeling soft and fine without weighing it down. If you’re adding waves, you’ll get silky soft locks that have plenty of bounce. 

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