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    Hair Care Essentials for Every Hair Type

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    Hair Care Essentials for Every Hair Type

    Whether your hair is normal, fine, natural, wavy, damaged or dry, there arehair care essentials that will never let you down. Ask your hairstylist for their number one tip and they will likely tell you to always choose products made for your hair type. Every hair type has unique concerns and products made for your hair type contain ingredients that balance your hair. With that said, there are a few hair care essentials that can be used by every hair type, for healthy hair that always shines.

    Hair Care Essentials for All Hair Types

    Your hair is an investment. Keep it in top shape with these hair care essentials.

    Quality shampoo and conditioner.

    One of the quickest ways to cause damage to your hair is using cheap hair products. Shampoo and conditioner play a vital role in any hair care routine. When you use cheap store-bought products, you are putting your hair at risk with every wash. Most of these products contain sulphates and othernasty ingredients.Professional products don’t only cater to the standard hair types. They help to cleanse and condition your hair without harmful ingredients. You may end up paying a little more initially but your hair will be healthier, cleaner, softer and more manageable. 

    Nourishing leave-in treatments.

    Leave-in treatments include masks, serums and oils. Depending on your hair type, you may find that a weekly oil treatment works wonders. Or you may use treatments after every wash. The role of leave-in treatments is to provide added moisture to your hair. As they are not washed out, the active ingredients in the treatments can penetrate deep into the hair follicle. This helps to add an extra layer of protection, boosting the effects of your regular conditioner for evenhealthier hair.

    Versatile styling tools.

    Ideally, you want a styling tool that does it all… or at least a lot of things. A goodhairdryer will never do you wrong. The same applies to a high-quality flat iron, such as aghd. A tool such as theL’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod is another equally useful tool. Whichever you prefer, make sure that you can create versatile styles with your chosen tool. You can then invest in a fewbrushes that further help you to change up your look. 

    Whatever your hair needs may be, Retail Box is here to help you get the hair of your dreams. Shop hair care essentials in the store and get your order shipped right to your door.