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    Gorgeous Wedding Guest Hairstyles

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    Gorgeous Wedding Guest Hairstyles

    Wedding guest hairstyles can be a bit challenging. On one hand, you want a stunning hairstyle that suits the occasion. On the other hand, you certainly don’t want to go too over the top and risk upstaging the bride or bridesmaids. The general etiquette for these styles is to go with the dress code. For formal weddings, your hairstyle would need to be polished enough to go with that amazing gown you’ve gotten. For semi-formal weddings, you can get away with wedding guest hairstyles that are a little more creative, while still looking sophisticated. For casual weddings, you have more room to play around. 

    Wedding Guest Hairstyle Ideas

    The variety of wedding guest hairstyles is massive. Almost overwhelmingly so. Ultimately, however, these styles fall into a few main categories: ponytails, updos, half updos and loose. 


    We’re not talking about boring ponytails here. There are a few striking ways to wear a pony. For longer hair, a super sleek high pony will look incredible. All you need to do to create this look is blow-dry or straighten your hair, put it into a high pony and then straighten the ends again. You can also try a cascading pony that uses two ponytails - one at the bottom that adds length and a bigger one at the top to add volume. A curly or wavy ponytail also works well for longer hair. 


    From messy buns adorned with accessories to classic top knots, French twists and other styles, updos are a wedding favourite. Some more contemporary styles to try for medium to long hair includecurtain bangs and a loose bun, a fishtail bun with braids on each side of your head or a destructured loose curly bun that is created using wide barred brushes or tongs.

    Half updos

    For short to medium length styles andlobs, half updos are a simple yet glamorous style. These are especially good for semi-formal weddings. Add a messy half top knot and keep the bottom wavy. Keep it straight and sleek with a few accessories. Try awavy style that adds volume and texture.


    You can keep your hair loose even at formal weddings… provided you do it right. For formal events, try sophisticated over the shoulder waves with large, glossy waves made with large-barrel curling tongs. You could also go for an old Hollywood inspired style, with a side part, structured waves and accessories that hold the waves in place. For casual or semi-formal weddings, you can go with loose curls or waves. 

    Creating these styles is easy with the right tools and products. Retail Box offers a selection of premiumcurling tongs,flat irons,hairdryers, andstyling aids that will take the fuss out of planning the perfect wedding guest hairstyles.