What Hair Length Suits You Best?

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    Finding the right hair length is a little less challenging than you think. You have spent ages looking at various styles on Instagram, wondering if the latest hair trend will look as good on you. You may be growing out your hair or at a point where your hair is simply getting way too long. You may be bored of having the same length for years. Whatever the case, it is always helpful to know what to think about when choosing the best hair length.

    Choosing the Right Hair Length

    There are three important things to know when deciding on your hair length: your face shape, your lifestyle and your hair type. There are always exceptions, of course. There are also universally flattering lengths that suit most people, such as the timelesslob cut. But generally speaking, these facts should be kept in mind before you make the cut.

    Face shape

    Some people can wear their hair at any length. Others will look better with short hair. Some look best with longer length styles. Face shape is the most important factor in determining the ideal length and cut. There are 8 face shapes - oval, rectangle, square, heart, diamond, round, triangle, and oblong. Characteristics of each shape are determined by cheekbones, jaw, forehead and hairline. The goal is to find lengths that balance out these features rather than making one or more seem more prominent. The TrendSpotter has a fantastic guide tohairstyles for every face shape - have a look to find your shape and get tips on which length suits you best.


    Next, you’ll need to consider your lifestyle. Are you someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, camping, hiking, running and enjoying an active lifestyle? You may find that shorter lengths save you a lot of time and effort, with pixie cuts keeping the hair out of your face. On the other hand, longer lengths can be braided or put in a bun. If you’re a business owner or professional who needs to look polished, a lob or shoulder-length cut gives you a lot of versatility with styles. It can be straightened for a sleek look or worn up or down. If you’re very busy, longer lengths can be surprisingly low-maintenance if you use the right products. You can sleep in braids to save time with the curling tongs in the morning. You can wear your hair up or down. You can use mousse or spray to go for a natural look.

    Hair type

    Lastly, you will need to consider yourhair type. Very straight hair can be worn at any length. You will need a good cut and you’ll need to go for regular trims to keep edges perfectly even. Thick curly hair may need layers if you’re thinking about a bob. Longer lengths will work well. Fine, curly or wavy hair also needs layers. You can still go short with this length or look at adding bangs and layers for a bob or lob. The best way to determine the right length for your hair type is to speak to your hairstylist. They will help you choose the most flattering cut andlength that works for your hair.

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